With the onset of economic growth, organizations see major imbalances in workforce skills and competencies resulting to a struggle to build a strong leadership pipeline, deepening core technical skills and competencies, and a development of strategic programs that will enhance workforce capabilities. Leadership Resources Indonesia will spearhead the development and implementation of your organization’s HC & Talent to achieve your strategic objectives and achieve considerable success in the marketplace.

We at Leadership Resources Indonesia offer clients with effective and hands-on HC consulting services that will transform the traditional HR department into talent driven strategic HR function that will drive

organization success. We develop an integrated HC & Talent Management System that defines the number, types and roles of human capital needed to achieve the defined overall organization strategy. Based on this, organizations can develop a strategic HC plan that will allow in making human capital management decisions that will support the future direction of the organization.

  • Human Capital Blueprint
  • Organization Management
  • Job Description
  • Competency Management
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management System
  • Reward Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Human Capital Audit Management
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